Attorney: Ward can’t legally block phone records leading up to insurrection 

State GOP chair Kelli Ward has no legal right to block a U.S. House committee from getting her phone records about her activities leading up to the Jan. 6th insurrection, an attorney for the government is telling a federal judge.

‘El Jefe’ the jaguar, famed in US, photographed in Mexico 

“El Jefe” — or “The Boss” — is one of the oldest jaguars on record along the frontier, popular in Arizona and one of few known such animals to have crossed a border partly lined by a wall and other infrastructure to stop drug traffickers and migrants.

Biomarker testing is important to treat patients fighting cancer 

We are in an exciting age of “precision medicine” where increasingly sophisticated tests—including for biomarkers—guide increasingly effective treatments for patients fighting cancer. Now, this progress is threatened by proposals in Washington that would devastate the drug discovery pipeline. Will patients battling cancer, now and in the future, be denied access to promising drugs? Arizona’s own …