Supreme Court ruling against EPA hurts, may not hobble clean air in Arizona 

When the Supreme Court ruled this summer that the EPA could not force power plants to move away from fossil fuels, advocates worried that the justices had removed the “most effective tool for regulating and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” 

Her Ex-Husband Is Suing a Clinic Over the Abortion She Had Four Years Ago 

Nearly four years after a woman ended an unwanted pregnancy with abortion pills obtained at a Phoenix clinic, she finds herself mired in an ongoing lawsuit over that decision.

Brnovich asks judge to restore power to criminally charge doctors who perform abortions 

Attorney General Mark Brnovich is asking a Pima County Superior Court judge to immediately restore his power and the power of local prosecutors to bring criminal charges against doctors who perform abortions.

Judge will rule on law related to possible charges against doctors performing abortions 

A federal judge will decide whether a provision in a 2021 law could be used to bring criminal charges against doctors who perform otherwise-legal abortions, including those to save the life of the mother.