Willcox grew to be the supply station for a large surrounding area. In recent years the cattle ranches have tended to become consolidated into a few large establishments, among the most important of which are Hooker’s ranch and the J. H. ranch in the northern part, the Riggs ranches and the Chiricahua Cattle Co.’s ranch in the central part, and the Four Bar and Double Rod ranches in the southern part.

Within the valley itself the principal industry was the raising of cattle. A good growth of grass in most parts of the valley has been especially favorable for the development of this industry, whereas the arid climate and the supposed absence of water for irrigation has, until recently, made the region unattractive to agriculturists and caused it to be left uncontested to the cattlemen. Since cattle were first brought to the valley the ranches, with their distinctive mode of life, have become well established and the cattle industry has attained large importance.